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Female ED

The Female ED and Female Erectile Dysfunction Site

What is Female ED?

Female ED or Female Erectile Dysfunction occurs whenever a woman is unable to attain, and maintain a complete erection of her clitoris through orgasm. Many people fail to understand that a woman cannot achieve orgasm unless she has a fully-erect clitoris!

If the husband/partner of a patient with suspected Female Erectile Dysfunction feels that this is a problem within the relationship, his concern should be sufficient for him (or the couple) to seek medical and/or psychological consultation to determine the cause of her Female Erectile Dysfunction, including notification or consultation with his wife's ob/gyn or his/her/their family physician.

Study after study conclude that more than twice as many women have Female ED than men have ED! 

Men have their "little blue pill," isn't it time for women to have their "little pink pill"?!?

What is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder?

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or "HSDD" has been defined as a deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is considered a disorder if it causes distress for the woman or husband.  The woman and her husband should both be seen as this is a "couple's problem" that is typically best resolved with both partners in treatment.  Their doctor will also insure that this  is not the result of another psychological disorder which could be a primary problem. 

If the husband/partner of a patient with suspected Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder feels that this is a problem within the relationship, his concern should be sufficient for the individual to seek psychological consultation.

What is Female Sexual Medicine?

43% of American women -- about 40 million -- have physical and/or emotional distress relating to enjoying sex.  This is manifested in loss of interest in sex, no longer finding sex enjoyable, or providing the enjoyment sex used to bring, or the inability to complete a sexual encounter to orgasm.  or it just is not as enjoyable as it used be. Many women also report diminished sexual sensations in their vulva, vagina or clitoris while other women have pain during intercourse. 

While a gynecologist or family physician may be knowledgeable and able to diagnose disease and disorders of a woman's vulva and care for her reproductive and
vulvovaginal health, he/she may lack the requisite education as it relates to "female sexual dysfunction," which is a growing area of medicine known as "Female Sexual Medicine."

Did you know your vaginal odor problem could be 
related to your vagina not having the correct pH level?

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Female ED

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Why should I know my vagina's pH or have it measured?  

The vaginal pH test will help your doctor determine if your vaginal symptoms (i.e., itching, burning, unpleasant odor, or unusual discharge) are likely caused by an infection that needs medical treatment. The test is not intended for HIV, chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, or group B streptococcus.

How accurate is the
Feminine pH test?

Home Feminine pH tests showed good agreement with a doctor's diagnosis. However, just because you find changes in your vaginal pH, doesn't always mean that you have a vaginal infection. pH changes also do not help or differentiate one type of infection from another. Your doctor diagnoses a vaginal infection by using a combination of: pH, microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge, amine odor, culture, wet preparation, and Gram stain.

Does a positive
Feminine pH test mean you have a vaginal infection? 

No, a positive test (elevated pH) could occur for other reasons. If you detect elevated pH, you should see your doctor for further testing and treatment. There are no over-the-counter medications for treatment of an elevated vaginal pH.

If test results are negative, can you be sure that you do not have a vaginal infection? No, you may have an infection that does not show up in these tests. If you have no symptoms, your negative test could suggest the possibility of chemical, allergic, or other noninfectious irritation of the vagina. Or, a negative test could indicate the possibility of a yeast infection. You should see your doctor if you find changes in your
vaginal pH or if you continue to have symptoms.

How is the
Feminine pH test conducted? 

The doctor (or you, if done at home) places the pH paper inside your vagina and against one of the "walls" of the vagina for a few seconds.  He/she then compares the color of the pH paper to the color on the chart (provided with the test kit). The number on the chart for the color that best matches the color on the pH paper is the vaginal pH number.

Is the
Feminine pH home test similar to my doctor’s test? 

Yes. The home Feminine pH tests are practically identical to the ones sold to doctors. But your doctor can provide a more thorough assessment of your vaginal status through your history, physical exam, and other laboratory tests than you can using a single pH test in your home.

Feminine pH

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Female ED





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